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How it Works

Click4Advisor is an online system that connects users to Psychics in telephone meetings on the internet; it is safe and private.

Advisors are allowed the liberty to set their per-minute rate. Make sure to check the Advisor rate on the pop-up before you call.

There are two ways to call an Advisor; by placing a call online through the call button located on the Advisor’s listing page by typing in your username, password and phone number, then clicking on the call on Phone button.

A call will be placed to you that will connect you to the Advisor after the Click4Advisor voice prompt.  Second option is by calling the Advisor via the Dial-In service.

The Dial-In service number is 850 941 4321; it allows users to use the Click4Advisor system even when you aren’t in front of a computer. You can check your account balance, make a deposit and connect to your Advisor through the Dial-In service as a user.

You need to have your exclusive unique Dial-In ID and Pin in order to use the system. Also, click on the updated Dial-In Pink link to access your Dial-In id and Pin in the Member Web Interface, User Profile section. You will see your unique Dial-In ID and follow the prompt to create your own personal Dial-In PIN, and you can start using the Click4AdvisorDial-In service by dialing 850 941 4321.

You need to have and know your own unique Dial-in ID and pin to call an Advisor you wish to call using the Dial-In service. The Advisor Dial-In IDs are visible on the Advisor’s Click4Advisor phone link popup window. After the Dial-In call, you will be asked to enter your Dial-In ID and PIN. After this, you are given a menu of action. After making your choice of which Advisor to call, you will be prompted to enter the ID of the Advisor.

If you’re outside these two countries, dial 1-510-897-1288 in order to access the service

It does not cost extra to use the service as the calls are unified with the Click4Advisor internet system.

We’re aware that this might happen, and so we utilize a 30- second Buffer Zone, so as to prevent accidental charges charged to users in situations like this. The Buffer Zone allows you to be connected to an Advisor’s phone line for up to 30 seconds without being charged for it.

You can opt to discontinue the call within the 30 seconds timeframe in the event your call doesn’t go through to a Psychic despite their advertised hours of availability, and won’t be charged for it. 

To add more money, login to your user web interface or dial 850 941 4321 to make a deposit to your account. You can also add money during a call with an advisor, when it’s remaining a minute; you will receive a voice prompt asking you to press 1 to top-up in order to continue the call. 

Please note, you will not be charged for the time spent adding money during the call.

Your personal information including name, phone number, email address, and billing information, is safe and protected from third parties, and not revealed to Advisors. Only your username is displayed to an Advisor and they can only contact you through our Click4Advisor Message Center.

To view this information, login to your user account; to view deposits history, go to Deposit Summary, this can be found under your Deposit Transactions section, you can select a date to view when last you made deposits into your account.

For history of call activities, locate your Usage Transaction section, there you will see a complete listing of details for each transaction made including time, name of Advisor, time of call and total number of time spent speaking, and amount debited from your account balance.

This request can be made when the Advisor you intend to call doesn’t respond, is busy or unavailable, and gets connected the minute the Advisor is online.

This innovation is laudable as it saves you the energy of continuously checking on said Advisor.

This form works two ways; by clicking the request form online from the Advisor Pop-Up window, filling out said form and submitting, while the second is by calling the Dial-In  service and following voice commands to tell you what to do next.

Getting a Reading Video Help

– How to submit a call for an advisor who is set available for calls. https://click4advisor.com/submission/submission.html 

– How to submit a callback request for an advisor. https://click4advisor.com/callback/callback.html 

– How to submit a scheduled call request for an advisor. https://click4advisor.com/scheduled/scheduled.html 

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